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A career in publication is one sought after by many, but achieved by few. A major problem being that a large majority of students all hope to work for a very small number of esteemed, internationally known outlets. In reality, there’s no need to limit your opportunities so narrowly. There are many different types of monthly publications, and if you don’t look into every one of them, you are sure to miss opportunities. If you love writing, photography, editing, graphic design, or a myriad of other disciplines that go into publishing written media, working for a magazine might be right for you. Almost all of these publications are happy to take on interns who are trying to find what they love- you should take advantage of these opportunities to see if you’re cut out for a life in publishing.

One subgenre of monthly reading that continues to be massively popular is women’s magazines. Cosmopolitan, for example, currently has over 3 million monthly subscribers- and that’s in a world where physical reading material is supposed to be on the decline. Women’s health, fashion, and general lifestyle magazines are some of the most popular subjects worldwide. That being so, positions are always becoming available somewhere in some part of the organizations that continues to churn these magazines out. Pursue every lead you hear about, because magazines like these employ a huge variety of different specialists. Most importantly, they’ve been known to accept interns (and eventually employees) that are majoring in fields some may deem too specific. Fields such as…

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It seems to be increasingly rare to find someone who is majoring in fashion, but it is admittedly a very niche field. Of course, it’s more than just design; studying fashion affords you qualifications in the business side of things, as well. Production cycles and budgets, marking and promotion, media coverage and even general public relations are all part of the fashion world.  Women’s magazines employ a considerable number of experts in fashion. If you’ve become interested in this degree of late, get in touch with a magazine to ask about internship opportunities that sound right for you.


Many majors have blurred lines that overlap considerably. Majors that concern themselves primarily with writing constantly do. Odds are if you’ve pursued this degree, you don’t have trouble expressing your thoughts through written word. Working for a magazine might be perfect for you, and you’ll have the credentials to prove it. However, displaying fluency with their subject matter (whether that be fashion, health, or celebrity gossip) will be left totally up to you. Seek out an internship writing for a women’s magazine to see what type of content you can create.


Many students who find themselves drawn to this major are interested in a job as a personal trainer, or some type of health and wellness expert. There’s nothing wrong with those jobs, but you’ll have an advantage over others if you can look at your degree from as many perspectives as possible. Many magazines, even magazines focused on clothing or design, have articles on staying well published intermittently. You can be the redeemable faction of those magazines by using your health expertise to enlighten their readers. Contact various publications with your CV and writing examples at the ready to see if an internship in this area is available to you.

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