The Best Internship Opportunities in London

Internships are a great way for students to get some experience before graduating or immediately after their graduation in order to enhance their CV and give them a better chance of success in their field of choice. However, students are not the only people who can benefit from internships; they are also ideal for those who are new to the workforce, or those looking to change fields and get some experience under their belt beforehand in order to make them look more attractive to future employers. Internships also often have the potential to turn into permanent job positions as well, so it’s also a great way to get your foot in the door with a particular company that you would like to work with, or to get experience with one company in order to prove to another one that you are a good candidate for the job.

 After an internship has already worked with you for a while and trained you how to do a particular job within the industry, they often don’t want to let the intern go only shortly after they have become an asset to the company. For this reason, it is not uncommon for interns to be offered job positions in the company after their internship period is up, because the company already knows that they work well with the person, and they have already been trained to do most of the tasks that will be expected of them.

Meeting Between Professional and Student

The following are some of the best places to have an internship if you are looking to gain workplace experience in London. Look over them carefully, and maybe do some of your own research on particular companies, before deciding which companies you think would be most beneficial to your future professional goals. Take your time in deciding which opportunities would be best for you to apply to, because making the right choice when it comes to the organisation you are going to do your internship with could have a significant impact on your future success in your professional field.

  • Metropolitan Police: The Met offers internship opportunities to interested candidates that give them the chance to participate in initiatives aimed at changing the future of policing. In one of the biggest cities in the world, the Metropolitan police are presented with a unique challenge, and always willing to bring in new interns to learn about their practices and give them the opportunity to have a positive impact on their city by improving the policing of the Met.
  • IBM: Targeting both undergraduate students in the UK, as well as those simply in search of summer placements or similar situations, IBM has designed an internship plan that aims to do more than simply allow their interns to put a big company name on their CV. Going above and beyond, IBM aims to give interns relevant experience in the field that they are passionate about. Offering a diverse array of internship opportunities, with business, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, software development, design, and everything in between, it is possible for almost anyone to fit in to one of the opportunities that IBM offers qualified candidates looking for an internship in central London.
  • Lloyds Banking Group: Located in central London, the largest group for financial services in the UK is happy to take on new interns and give them an introduction to the world of finance. They give their interns a lot of responsibility and freedom, allowing them to gain the experience they need to succeed in the world of finance. Interns are able to work directly with customers, develop new products, and build services. Interns are also able to work in areas such as marketing or human resources if that is more their style. Furthermore, this internship offers a much longer timeline than most others; the longest it can go on for is three years.

The companies offering internship opportunities to the public is an ever-changing list. When you are ready to start applying for internships, it’s a good idea to research online and find out what companies are in search of interns at that particular time. Do your research on the company and decide for yourself if you think the experience they would be able to give you is going to be relevant to your professional goals. Best of luck!

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