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UNICEF – protecting children’s rights, but what about worker’s rights?

This job has come up on the Guardian website to work for UNICEF as a “media relations volunteer”. Working 6 months doing admin for their comms department. The ad is the typical rubbish passing for an ‘internship’ these days.

You will provide support by carrying out general administrative duties and communication tasks which are key to the running of the team

Basically an entry level job which they can’t be bothered to pay for. But this is the line of the advert which really takes the piss.

We only accept online applications as this saves us money, making more funds available for us to help ensure childrens rights. CVs will not be accepted.

Unbelievable. You are telling people not to apply in writing because you are saving money for the fucking children. What about paying your fucking staff!

You can complain on the number and email address below. An intern will probably answer the phone.

For press and media enquiries:
UNICEF UK Media Relations team
Tel: 0207 336 8922

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