After graduating from university, the first thing on your mind will most likely not be “I wonder what sort of internships I can land now?” Most likely, the minute you graduate you’ll begin your pursuit of a personally fulfilling and financially rewarding career path. And no one could blame you. After spending years learning about your decided field, you’ll probably feel that you’re competent enough within its confines to earn a living wage.

The fact is, though, there are many people that may be worried their degree is too advanced, honed, or theoretical to help them in the “real world.” Regardless of this, we are sure you can find opportunities to use your knowledge everywhere. There are several routes you can take depending upon what type of field you hope to go into. Here, we’ll explore a few of those unique routes that many people may never look into, for fear of not finding what they’re hoping for.


Odds are, if you’ve decided to major in the sciences you’re quite comfortable in a classroom or laboratory setting. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, many internships will give you the opportunity to apply skills you’ve learned, as well as learn new skills, in a real world environment. Depending upon what branch of the sciences you’re most interested in, you’ll want to tailor where you seek out internship opportunities. Many primary schools are happy to have college academics tutor their students- this could also give you an idea of what teaching the subject professionally would entail. Look into hospitals and clinics for unique shadowing opportunities, and monthly magazine publications for a chance to explore specialized topics in the science community.

scientists studying a molecular structure


The very concept of getting a degree in the musical arts is absolutely terrifying to most people—even musicians. For some reason, even a degree in philosophy, theatre, or literature seems more marketable. Perhaps studying music for four years at university isn’t for everyone, but for those unique, impassioned, and wildly creative individuals that are suited for it, the experience is one of a kind. Ensure that you seem both passionate as well as responsible to employers after graduation by seeking out an internship during your time in school. Music majors can teach children instruments in after school programs, or you can look into Music Publishing for reputable magazines, or even pursue the managerial side of the business through record labels and local talent agencies.


Environmental studies is a newer degree that is perfect for a small group of determined people who genuinely want to make the world a better place. Although there might not be much social standing in the field, there is a special type of security that lies in knowing you are on the path towards making the world a better place. The internships (and jobs) available in this field are quite varied.

Some farms are open to having environmentalists observe and record their work in an attempt to improve their system. Feel free to explore that concept, but first, make sure the manufacturer is large enough to want that type of thing, and that you have all of your credentials available immediately. Look into innovative electric companies, some engineering firms, and various websites for opportunities to better familiarize yourself with the field.

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