Metropolitan Internship

Many students attend university with the hopes that a very prestigious, high-profile job will be waiting for them after they graduate. Unfortunately, not enough students take steps to ensure this fantasy becomes a reality. Fortunately for you, it’s not all that difficult to take those steps and to make a desirable job achievable post-graduation. One field where it is of the utmost importance to involve yourself in infrastructures outside academia is within the confines of the justice system. This expands to the fields of law, rehabilitative programs, criminal justice, and especially police work.

Working as a police officer in the field is obviously dangerous, and there’s no reason to believe that a precinct will want to have cops on their payroll that have no previous experience. The Metropolitan Police force in London patrols and secures one of the busiest cities in the Western world, but they still have several opportunities for students with no experience to gain some. The Met doesn’t have to make their internships or programs as inclusive as some companies might. They want people who are determined, and they have a large pool of applicants to choose from. This is all the more reason for you to consider the following options.

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The Met Police force utilises groups of volunteer police officers called special constables. In at least 16 hours a week, which can be managed around school or a job, they are given free training and opportunities to work alongside the Met’s current police force. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge and skills pertaining to conducting stop and searches and arrests, and be put through their Metropolitan Special Constabulary (MSC) foundation course over the span of 24 -days. Visit the Metropolitan Police website to see where there is a special need for such volunteers now.

Be on the lookout for special internships designed especially for students, such as the Met Diversity Internship. This paid summer internship gives students the opportunity work closely with the group of officers leading an initiative which aims to help the Met police force better aide Londoners in their daily lives. The 19 interns work in groups of two or three conducting in-depth research projects which will be presented to the Met’s senior police officers at the end of the internship. It will be upon the interns to gather data from current serving officers and staff, and attempt to determine how widespread the propose initiative should become.

As stated, police work is not an easy line of work and not an easy field to get into. Chiefs and lieutenants want to feel as though they’re hiring capable individuals who will help to make their current force safer. They will intentionally seek out graduates who will require as little training as possible. While you’re in school, make yourself one of those clearly passionate individuals who loved the field enough to graduate with experience. Continue to check on the Metropolitan Police website to see if any new and exciting opportunities have become available. Check out their wide range of volunteer positions to see if you think any of them could work for you.

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