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Landing an internship is tough work. You spend years of your life earning the best grades possible to make the cut, all while tackling volunteer positions and leadership roles within your community. With the hopes that all your efforts will pay off for landing that dream internship, you continue to march on, hoping all your efforts will eventually mean you have succeeded. With social media continuing to evolve and platforms for our social outlets sparking intrigue all across the globe, landing and internship at a media company is one of the more difficult challenges that students are facing.

But we are here to help you start your career on the path your heart desires! Whether you’re anticipating applying for a social media internship, or are just doing simple research, we are here to help you discover the do’s and don’ts of getting an internship with a media organisation. Continue reading for our expert advice and tricks for preparing yourself for an internship at a media company!

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Spring Clean your Social Media Accounts

Sure, this may seem like common sense to many, but you’d be surprised how much your social media accounts can influence your chances at an internship with a media establishment. First, make sure that you have an account made with the company you are applying for. Second, get rid of any and all negative or embarrassing pictures/status updates that would reflect you in a negative light. Third, make sure you have a distinct online presence on as many social media platforms as possible.

Make an Impression!

Your social media profiles should be an advocate for you! Even more, this is an excellent opportunity to make a website for yourself displaying all of your qualifications. LinkedIn is a great tool to showcase this. Whatever you do, make sure that you are interlinking all of your accounts together, ultimately circulating an accessible network of pages that are showcasing how amazing you are. This impression that you are making for yourself is what will land you that internship over someone else!

Create a Portfolio

No this doesn’t necessarily mean a resume or CV, but instead we are referring to a place where you can display your work. Whether you formulate your website that showcases a page dedicated to the work you’ve been involved with, or if you are wanting to create and entirely different page on a tool like that will allow you to achieve the same thing. Either way, they will want to see examples of your relevant work to gauge whether you’re qualified for the job!


Research local conventions and forums in your area that are related to your field. From social media clubs to business marketing associations, getting involved in these events can really get you in touch with some of the industries’ most valuable leaders. Also, if there are career fairs at your university or in your community, you may also be able to network yourself at these events as well!

Make sure you do your research

Nothing is more embarrassing than showing up for an interview and not being prepared. You can be certain that you are going to be heavily pumped for information about both your capabilities and what you know about the brand, so it is essential that you have done your homework before your interview!

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