Interns for Breakfast

For many, taking on a role as an intern means you are slowly immersing yourself into a role of an adult. Being an adult means you have to be responsible, so for many of you, this will be the first time you have obligations to fulfil for a professional employer. Recognising the strain and stress your internship is probably going to take on you, it is important that you start off every day right.

Saying this, we have decided to dedicate an entire page to your breakfast needs! We will be updating this page with breakfast ideas and recipes that are geared toward stimulating your mind, giving you energy for the day, and are tasty to eat. No more binging on coffees, teas, and sugary snacks while waiting for your train in the morning. Continue to read on to discover new and exciting breakfast treats that will make those long days at your internship much more bearable.

Quick Banana, Nut Butter, and Chia Seed Toast

This is an excellent start to the day for numerous reasons. For this recipe, it is important that you always invest into multi-grain toast, as it is a great addition to your daily dose of vitamins. Depending upon your appetite, toast your favourite brand of bread and slice a banana. Half a banana is excellent for one piece of toast. Once the toast has popped out of the toaster, spread on a nut butter (organic almond butter is great), then top it with the banana and chia seeds. Chia seeds have more vitamins and minerals than most other foods!

Fried Egg with Savoury Porridge

Oats have been proven to pack a big punch, especially in the breakfast world! Great for heart health, many associate this traditional English breakfast food with sweets, like fresh fruit or sugary substitutes. But to have a healthily balanced breakfast in the morning, try something new! Make your porridge as normal, but flavour it with salt, pepper, cayenne, and even a bit of garlic powder. Top it off with an over-easy or poached egg, cheddar cheese, and spring onion to make an excellent morning meal that is sure to keep you going throughout the day.

Savoury porridge

Avocado Toast with Egg

You have probably heard that avocados are a miracle food, and that is exactly right. A simple and classic breakfast, this is a winner for a heart-healthy, filling morning meal. Toast your favourite whole wheat toast, mash an avocado (flavour to taste with salt/pepper), spread the avocado on your toast, and top with a fried over-easy egg. To give it a kick, drizzle a little hot sauce over your toast, and enjoy!

Yogurt and Berry Smoothie

This is an excellent option for people that have a hectic morning! Depending upon what types of fruit you like, have a ready assortment of frozen fruits in the freezer. A great combination of flavours are bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Combine your favourite fruits with Greek yogurt, and a liquid (either water, juice, milk, coconut water). Throw some chia seeds in there to really give it a nutritional kick! This is great if you want to freeze it overnight and thaw it in the morning for breakfast, or mix in the morning. Whatever works for you!

Veggie Egg Brekky Muffins

Something that is easy to transport and can be pre-made, these egg breakfast muffins are delicious. Depending upon how many you want to make, you can prepare these with very simple and healthy ingredients. Chop up your favourite veggies (tomatoes, spinach, garlic, onions are a great combination) and pan fry them. After they have cooled, mix together a dozen eggs (less if you want to make a smaller batch), veggies, and salt/pepper. Transport to a muffin pan, and top with parmesan cheese. Bake until done through the centre. You can freeze these and reheat them, making them an excellent breakfast option in the mornings that you have prepared in advance!

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