Interns Anonymous is a UK website that supplies a platform to students and graduates that are seeking an internship, but aren’t sure about the specifics of obtaining one. We want to provide excellent support and guidance to the millennials in the UK that are trying to determine the path that they need to take in order obtain the internship of their dreams. After having worked with hundreds of young people throughout the UK, we have found that many students need extra insights in order to get the most out of their internship opportunities; we are here to help!

First, they need relevant and current advice for obtaining an internship. Most of what students are told is antiquated advice from their professors or information they’ve found on old forums that are not relevant to 2016. Secondly, they also don’t receive valuable insight from their peers that gives them first-hand accounts of what it takes to get an internship. Lastly, they deserve one platform they can go to receive site-specific information about obtaining an internship in the UK. Most information about internships is too general or not relevant to their interests, but we have a wide array of information on our site to guarantee they are getting the best guidance possible.

Internships can be one of the most confusing and life-altering moments people have in their young-adult lives. Recognising this, we want to help them achieve greatness and stability in a realm that they probably know very little about. Even more, students are often surprised to discover that everything they thought they knew about the internships they could apply for are actually only part of a whole truth. We are here to give them the answers they deserve!

We have a skilled team of professionals that supply us with testimonials and guides to help people obtain the internships they need to make a difference in their career. What is most notable about all of our guides is that they are created by people who have relevant experience in obtaining internships and can provide solid advice about the do’s and don’ts of internships in the UK.

Interns Anonymous maintains it name by publishing reviews from people that have experienced internships with UK companies. While publishing these, we also allow reviewers to maintain their anonymity in the review process. In an effort to always supply the most relevant, current, and authentic information to everyone seeking an internship in the UK, we have made it a priority to help others learn through others’ experiences.