Even the NHS isn’t safe

The following was sent in to us by one of our kind readers:

I am horrified to see on the NHS Jobs website, that there are “business apprenticeships” for basic admin work.  Although there is a  certain amount of learning and training on the job connected with any specific role,  there is no excuse to pay a low rate (£95 for 37.5 hrs in London)  for a filing, photocopying, phone messages, administration job.   In my experience, everyone in lower grades of admin. work in the NHS is subjected to  very heavy workloads.  Surely anyone who is doing a necessary job such as keeping patients’ records in order deserves to be paid a reasonable salary.

Employers have the right to ask for applicants to have Business Studies qualifications, or good GCSE results, or A levels or a degree.   Anyone with such qualifications and perhaps a couple of weeks work experience obviously has the ability to carry out an administrative job and no year of “training” is necessary in an NHS admin role.

I have  broad experience of working in the NHS as a PA secretary and administrator, and I can see absolutely no excuse for the NHS to take advantage of young people in this way.






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1 Response to “Even the NHS isn’t safe”

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