Nickelodeon UK : Bloody Brilliant

One of the few companies still engaged in the intern world in a big way in the UK TV business is Nickelodeon.

Not only are their offices actually a lot of fun to work in, but having worked as a paid intern there for a few months now, I can safely say that they give you responsibilities that are challenging, exciting, interesting and stimulating. They pay almost all of their long-term interns I think, and the short termers get a great deal of good, relevant, and exciting experience mingling with celebs and such in a positive way.

I just can’t speak highly enough of Nickelodeon as an employer, especially for interns. Whilst I hear horror stories from my intern pals every day, my work feels like a gift – It’s just the right balance and there is a great deal of support and help provided to get you on your feet.

You put in the work for this company and they most certainly reward you for it.

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1 Response to “Nickelodeon UK : Bloody Brilliant”

  1. 1 Nicole 03/23/2010 at 2:43 am

    Hi, I recently applied to be an intern for Nickelodeon too and I was wondering what kind of responsibilities and challenges were you given? It seems like a great place to work, wish me luck!

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