Welcome to Interns Anonymous

Interns Anonymous is a website that was created for people that are seeking to get an internship somewhere in the UK and are requiring help throughout the process. Most people go through their entire university experience knowing that they will need to get an internship at some point in their career, but are in no way prepared to get one. Whether they’re unclear about what avenues they should pursue, when the best time to apply for internships, or where they should be centring their focus, many students will tell you there are clueless when it comes to internships!  We saw the need young millennials in the UK are having, and decided to come together to create responses for relevant queries and concerns they have about internship opportunities and requirements.

We provide a wide range of learning materials for people who are looking to increase their chances at landing an internships. From in depth looks into industry standards to little tips such as getting a driving license that can increase your likelihood of getting the intership you are dreaming of.

This site is created by people who have experienced the struggles and pitfalls of the internship process, all in the hopes that we can create a space that helps young students and graduates not fall victim to the same negative experiences others encounter. Here you will find honest guides and testimonials about the ends and outs of getting the internship of your dreams. From the type of outfit you need to wear on interview day, to the best internships to consider for your field, to CV assistance, we have catered this website with you in mind.

What is even more amazing about Interns Anonymous is that we are giving you the most relevant information that you would require. Many advisors in this field are running off the fuel from past experiences. But the truth is that with immergence of innovative technologies and social media, the way that internships are handled today are vastly different than what they were just five years ago. We want to provide responses and guides in real time, which is why we are adamant that all of our information comes directly from the source: your peers that have experienced the internship processes.

At Interns Anonymous, we also publish reviews of internships people have had with companies. What is most amazing about this is that it gives you direct insight into an internship program and it allows the person reviewing the website to remain anonymous: hence our name! Our experience has shown us that people are interested in what others have to say about the behind the scenes of an internship program, and we aim to provide you with that. Learn about yourself through the experience of others!